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Statistics about opt-in SMS marketing

Mar 19 By Alex Bäcker | Categories: Insights

Here are some interesting (albeit slightly dated --it's only gotten better) facts about the mobile marketing industry that explain why you can’t wait any longer to start sending promotional text messages to current and potential customers!

bullet There are nearly 1.6 billion wireless subscribers worldwide (CTIA – Sept 2005)
bullet Mobile phones offer a reach never seen before by any other medium. Today, more people have mobile phones than landline phones.
bullet In the U.S., 195 million cell phones are currently subscribed. (CTIA – Sept 2005)
bullet Of the 195m cell phones currently subscribed, 95% of them are SMS capable. (CTIA – 2005)
bullet In the U.S., wireless subscribers grew by 25million from 6/04 thru 6/05 – This is the highest growth year ever. (CTIA – Sept 2005)
bullet Cell phone penetration is currently 65% of the US population (70% in major metro areas). By way of comparison, this is better than penetration figures for cable TV, home internet access, and PC’s in the home.
bullet In the USA, approximately 7billion text messages are sent each month in 2005. For the same period in 2004, there were 2billion text messages sent each month which represents a growth of 350% year to year.
bullet 36% of small and medium sized businesses intend on using SMS platforms to reach their customers in the next 12 months. (I-Newswire, 10-15-05)
bullet Of those companies using SMS platforms, 72% report an increase in turnover of 10% or more and they attribute it to use of SMS in their marketing mix (I-Newswire, 10-15-05)
bullet Opt-in SMS-based interactive campaigns have a much higher response rate than other channels with response rates of up to 70% vs 3-6% click thru rates on internet ads (I-Newswire, 10-15-05)
bullet Worldwide over 350 billion text messages are exchanged across the world’s mobile networks every month, with over 15% of these messages being classified as commercial, or marketing, messages. (Yankee Group 2005)
bullet In Europe, 80% of cell users want mobile coupons.
bullet In the US today, the average age of text messaging users is 38.
bullet In April 2005, 26M wireless subscribers downloaded ringtones; 11M downloaded graphics.
bullet April 2005, 20% of all subscribers accessed mobile news and information.
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