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About them buzzers

Jul 31 By Alex Bäcker | Categories: Other Industries

The VP of Sales of a major US corporation recently spoke to me about the buzzers that some restaurants give out to the customers waiting in line to page them: "It's like having to carry a brick! I hate those damn things. Everybody hates them."

Then I spoke with our recruiter about them. "They're unhygienic", he said. "You never know what someone has done w/it before you got it".

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Verizon Exceeds 10 Billion Text Messages in June

Jul 27 By Alex Bäcker | Categories: Announcements

Just wait till QLess goes mainstream...

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The next billion-dollar markets

Jul 25 By Alex Bäcker | Categories: Insights

David Thomson, an intense former technology executive and management consultant, has spent the past three years figuring out exactly what it takes for a startup company to reach that magic revenue threshold of a billion dollars. He lays out his findings in a new book called Blueprint to a Billion (for more information, see

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Mike Schroepfer on ab inventio and QLess

Jul 23 By Alex Bäcker | Categories: Announcements

Mike is VP of Engineering of Mozilla (the maker of the browser in which this post was composed) and one of the youngest Distinguished Engineers ever at Sun Microsystems. He wrote to us:

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QLess in the press!

Jul 23 By Alex Bäcker | Categories: Other Industries

We were featured in!

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QLess giving out free iPhones

Jul 21 By Alex Bäcker | Categories: Announcements
  • Tim completed the first alpha version of the QLess Merchant Web UI, to be unveiled soon.
  • We are giving out an iPhone per sign-up plus a commission of 20% of the first year's revenues from that client to anyone who introduces us to a prospective QLess client (limited time offer). Target markets at .
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ab|inventio Summer Kick-off party

Jul 02 By Alex Bäcker | Categories: Announcements

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