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Who Says You Can’t Have Great Customer Service in Government?

Aug 17 By Qless Admin

When most people think about government customer service, they conjure up images of long lines at the DMV and miles of bureaucratic red tape. The difficult, time-consuming, and confusing process of navigating government bureaucracy is often made worse by overworked staff members who aren’t very helpful.

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Design a Customer Experience Strategy That Will Blow Away the Competition

Aug 13 By Qless Admin

These days, customers have a wide range of options when it comes to acquiring products and services. So how do you ensure your business stands out from the competition and captures those sales? You need to provide a great experience for your customer.

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How to Increase Student Retention: 3 Innovative Ways to Improve Student Retention

Aug 09 By Qless Admin

For leadership at colleges and universities across the United States, learning how to increase student retention is one of the most important areas of focus. For many, a school’s retention rate is a reflection of the education and life it provides. In theory, if students are fulfilled in and out of the classroom, they will want to stay until they have graduated.

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