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Social Distancing Measures For Reopening Restaurants After COVID-19

Apr 29 By Qless Admin | Categories: COVID-19 Solutions

As states begin to reopen after COVID-19, more and more restaurants will be able to open their doors again. As you’re beginning that process, however, it’s important to maintain thorough social distancing measures to keep customers and employees safe. Waiting in lines to be seated is one of the biggest challenges to social distancing that will be faced by restaurants. However, as recommended by the CDC, phone app technology can help overcome this problem to allow restaurants to function efficiently and keep their patrons safe. Consider QLess’ social distancing app for some of the best solutions as you reopen restaurants after COVID-19.

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Comparing a Positive and Negative Customer Experience Journey

Apr 24 By Qless Admin

A customer experience journey, positive or negative, is memorable. Consider the best customer service experience you’ve most recently had— how you left feeling excited about whatever it was you bought, how it encouraged you to tell your friends to take their business there should they be in the market, how you felt understood and valued at a personal level. This interaction likely brightened your day, validating your decision to spend money on this particular product.

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Make Waiting Easier With a CX Strategy-Driven Visitor Management System

Apr 24 By Qless Admin

Basics of Queue Management

Waiting in line has long been a persistent annoyance of everyday life, something to be endured rather than enjoyed, and the longer the line, the greater the frustration. Fortunately, Qless has applied technology to solve the age-old problem through our queue and visitor management system. Our solution is to create a virtual queue through a company’s website that can be accessed by a mobile device, through which the customer receives a notification that the time of their appointment is approaching.

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