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Improve Customer Retention and Revenue Growth with Mobile Queuing

Dec 03 By Qless Admin | Categories: Insights

Time is money. It’s an old reliable adage. If you could return wasted time to your customers, that wouldn’t just mean more money, it would mean customer satisfaction. The QLess time management platform frees up customers from waiting in line by sending them a text reminder a few minutes before it’s their turn. This kind of superior customer experience can improve your reputation, create stronger customer loyalty, improve customer retention and increase your bottom line.

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Queue Management: How to get back in line on your own schedule.

Dec 03 By Qless Admin | Categories: Insights

A virtual queue management system is really helpful, as it is a time saving technology. Your customer will know about the status of their turn in line as well as their number in the overall queue. They will also be informed of the estimated time that it will take until they are in the front of your line. In the case that your customer is up in line but cannot make it back, its also possible to get back in line and avoiding the situation where they could have missed their turn. Utilizing SMS queue management will make sure that every customer gets his turn in line without wasting their time or yours.

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QLess and The Next Generation (Part II)

Sep 26 By Qless Admin | Categories: Insights

Generation Y has a different mindset than previous consumers. Compared to the blind consumerism of the 80’s, young people today are product savvy.

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