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Saving Daylight, Saving Time: How Online Queueing Apps Grant You DST Benefits Every Day

Nov 10 By Amy Deavoll | Categories: Healthcare, Insights, Industry News, Retail

Many of us enjoyed an extra hour’s sleep this past Sunday, November 6th, thanks to Daylight Savings Time (DST). The practice of setting clocks back in the fall and moving them forward every spring to maximize evening daylight has its defenders and detractors, but nobody can deny the feel-good perk to “fall back” an hour once a year to sleep, play, read, finish projects, or go shopping.

Now imagine that you had an extra hour every day – imagine saving not one but dozens of hours a year. In fact, you can! That’s because all of us waste hours a year waiting in line. That’s useless, inefficient, frustrating time that we’ll never get back. By avoiding lines at the hospital, DMV, airports, and other places where people are forced to stand around, you can reclaim wasted hours every day. That’s where mobile queuing technology can play a key role in saving time.

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The Tyranny of Voting Queues

Nov 07 By Alex Bäcker | Categories: Insights, Government

Picture a line of frustrated and footsore citizens stretching around a city block on a cold autumn evening. Some people see that line and head home, realizing they can’t afford to wait hours just for a chance to vote and let the government hear their voice.

This is not a scene from some former Soviet dictatorship, but a look forward at the upcoming United States Presidential election. The choice that America makes this coming November is an important one, yet some of the citizens making it will spend hours waiting their turn to vote. 

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19 Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Oct 20 By Amy Deavoll | Categories: Insights

“I just love waiting in line,” said no one in the history of the world.

Indeed, the age-old custom of waiting in line wastes the average person up to two years of their life.

In a presentation delivered at Innovate Pasadena's "Friday Coffee Meetup" on October 14,  Dr. Alex Bäcker recounts the genesis of QLess technology – a platform that finally affords a modern savior to the outdated practice of queuing. As our founder and CEO here at QLess, Alex also shares the trials and successes of a SaaS start-up with 19 practical lessons for entrepreneurs learned from the trenches.

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