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How to Leverage Your Retail Store Layout to Boost Sales

Jun 14 By Amy Deavoll | Categories: Retail

Think about the times you walked into a store without a particular item in mind—times when you knew you wanted to shop, but weren’t looking for anything specific. How were you able to locate the right products? Odds are that the store layout played a big part in your purchase.

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How Queue Management Helps During Natural Disasters

Jun 11 By Zach Zipay | Categories: Government

The fires that raged across Sonoma County in Northern California in late 2017 killed 42 people, but the damage didn’t stop there. Thousands of homes were destroyed, wineries and other businesses were leveled, and cattle and horses were killed as well. It was the deadliest series of fires in California history, and in the aftermath thousands of people needed help. Unfortunately, this led to long lines of devastated citizens in government offices around the county who had lost homes, belongings, and pets.

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4 Ways Medical Offices Can Prepare for the Physician Shortage

Jun 01 By Kannon Callis | Categories: Healthcare

Experts predict that by the year 2025, the US healthcare industry could face a shortage of primary care physicians ranging from 34,600 to 88,000 physicians. Undoubtedly, medical practices need to start preparing now in order to survive the burdens of such a shortage of key staff.

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