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Upgrade Your Medical Management System With QLess

Aug 25 By Qless Admin | Categories: Healthcare, Waiting Rooms

When it comes to the healthcare industry, your medical management system needs to be functional in many different ways. You need to be able to collect detailed information about patients; provide automated appointment scheduling, confirmations, and reminders; and create healthier medical waiting room environments since the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic that has radically transformed our world. Since the pandemic hit, healthcare facilities across the nation have been revamping the way they manage patients with modern technologies like QLess that offer a new approach to processing data, appointments, and queues.

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Benefit Your Shelter With QLess’ Animal Hospital Management System

With the recent coronavirus pandemic, animal shelters have seen a significant increase in the number of pet adoptions. Quarantine and stay-at-home orders have made people crave extra companionship, and they realize the extra value that a pet can add to their life. Cats and dogs are always ready to give us affection, and they help inspire us to get out and exercise with them. With more daily business and social distancing safety measures that need to be observed, animal shelters and hospitals can benefit from a management system that uses software that works directly with customers’ cell phones.  

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How to Reduce Queues in Banks

Aug 21 By Qless Admin | Categories: Credit Union, Banks

If you operate a financial institution, you know there are peak busy times and days that draw in crowds. On payday, for instance, customers rush to deposit their paychecks and clog up business for others who want to open accounts, inquire about loans, and conduct other routine banking transactions. Long lines and wait times can frustrate customers and cause unwanted stress for your employees. So, the question is: how to reduce queues in banks and other financial institutions? The answer is to use a modern bank queue software that works by utilizing customers’ cell phones.

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