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Governments, technology and the future of the public sector

Jul 21 By Kevin Grauman | Categories: Government, COVID-19 Solutions

This article was originally published in American City & County.

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The Grand Reopening: How Retailers Can Stay Ahead Of COVID In The Months & Years Ahead

Jul 15 By Kevin Grauman | Categories: Retail, COVID-19 Solutions

This article was originally published in Independent Retailer.

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Implementing Queue Management Systems in Post Secondary Schools: Everything to Know

Jun 19 By Qless Admin | Categories: Education, COVID-19 Solutions

Throughout the pandemic, people have been relying on technology to improve health and safety, and to implement social distancing rules. But with so many technology options available, it can be hard to understand what is best for your school. Even harder than that is getting executive buy-in for something new. If you’re looking for student management software for colleges and universities that can help improve health, safety and efficiency, a queue management system may be the way to go. Below, we’ve outlined what you need to know when deciding to implement a queue management system or appointment scheduling software for higher education.

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