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Higher Education of The Future | Social Distancing Ideas

May 04 By Qless Admin | Categories: COVID-19 Solutions

When colleges return for the Fall 2020 semester, students, teachers and administrators aren’t quite sure what this will look like. Although the pandemic is expected to lessen over the next few months, doctors fear that next year’s flu season will result in another severe outbreak. This is forcing schools to reconsider opening back up in September, or develop a COVID-19 education policy by coming up with social distancing ideas. In a time of unprecedented uncertainty, trying to plan for a fall semester can seem like a daunting task. Unfortunately, in order to assure their future, that is what universities have begun to do – plan for the worst case scenario. 

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Social Distancing Measures For Reopening Restaurants After COVID-19

Apr 29 By Qless Admin | Categories: COVID-19 Solutions

As states begin to reopen after COVID-19, more and more restaurants will be able to open their doors again. As you’re beginning that process, however, it’s important to maintain thorough social distancing measures to keep customers and employees safe. Waiting in lines to be seated is one of the biggest challenges to social distancing that will be faced by restaurants. However, as recommended by the CDC, phone app technology can help overcome this problem to allow restaurants to function efficiently and keep their patrons safe. Consider QLess’ social distancing app for some of the best solutions as you reopen restaurants after COVID-19.

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How the QLess App Helps With Social Distancing

Apr 20 By Qless Admin | Categories: COVID-19 Solutions

During a pandemic, social distancing is sometimes needed to curb the spread of illness and help keep your customers safe while they access your business. QLess can work with many industries, keeping your business running and promoting a healthy environment for both customers and employees. Clear crowded waiting areas, make appointment scheduling easy, and give your employees an option to communicate directly with customers over their mobile phones.

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