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Steps You Can Take to Give Customers a Better Experience

Jul 09 By Qless Admin

Many factors drive a customer to return to a business to buy products or services. It may be the quality of the product or service that is offered, the level of customer service they receive from employees, the convenience factor, great sales, or a clean and modern storefront. All of these influences are part of the customers’ experience. Better customer experience is one of the most important aspects of maintaining and growing a business’ customer base and reputation. The following steps are a great start when learning how to improve customer experience.

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How Technology is Helping Governments Serve the Public After the Pandemic

Jun 23 By Qless Admin | Categories: Government

Throughout the pandemic, citizens have been increasingly reliant on governments to help them learn about the impact of the virus, feel financially secure and understand the rules around social distancing and other health concerns. This has caused government services agencies to be increasingly busy, both online and in-person. Luckily, throughout the pandemic, government services have been able to lean on technology to keep them running. New digital apps, platforms and tools will be instrumental as governments begin to reopen services.

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How Communication Can Improve the Customer Experience

How many times have you arrived at a scheduled appointment, only to find out that the person you’re meeting is running behind? You're forced to wait minutes, maybe hours, for something that you expected to happen on time, which results in your entire day being uprooted. We’ve all been through this. Doctors, dentists, lawyers — they’re all guilty of this minor, but frustrating, offense. 

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