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How Airports are Using Technology to Reopen During COVID

Aug 05 By Kevin Grauman | Categories: Government, COVID-19 Solutions

This article was originally published in AviationPros

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QLess Appointment Software: Adapt Your Business For a Post-COVID World

Jul 28 By Qless Admin

Many of us wish the world would finally develop a coronavirus vaccine so that we can return to “normal” times of large social gatherings with friends and family and remove social distancing measures at businesses. The reality, though, is that COVID will likely have a lasting effect on our society for the foreseeable future. Even as we see some states opening up and relinquishing strict social distancing policies, people are still wary and feel less comfortable in public settings than they once did. For businesses, this means needing to adjust to new standards to help their customers slowly adapt to a post-COVID world. Appointment software can be the transitional technology that will help many industries through these tough times.

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Here’s how tech will get us “out of line” on campus

Jul 28 By Kevin Grauman | Categories: Education, COVID-19 Solutions

This article was originally published in eCampus News

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