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Customer Visits On Campuses Made Easy With Queue Software

Sep 02 By Qless Admin

There is tremendous value in queue management when it comes to the workflow of customer visits on educational campuses. If you’re in the education field or looking to visit schools for you or someone else, it can be exceptionally valuable to have queue software in place. This software can make the visit more informative, easier to navigate, and a more positive, interactive experience overall..

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How to Reduce Customer Waiting Time in Government Offices

Aug 22 By Qless Admin

Officials have been trying to figure out how to reduce customer waiting time in government offices for decades. To say it's a problem is the understatement of the year. Government employees are fully aware of the situation, but until recently, there hasn't been much they could do about it. Far too many government departments still rely on an old-fashion numbers system for seeing visitors. A citizen arrives at the office, takes a number, and waits, regardless of why the person is there. Under that system, a visitor can theoretically wait for several hours just to ask a question or to be told to bring in a certain form or specific documentation. Not only does it waste the citizen's time, but it also takes up an employee's time. Is it any wonder that some government offices don't run as efficiently as they should?

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Online Appointment Booking for Government Offices

Aug 14 By Qless Admin

What's the biggest complaint citizens have when they need to pay a visit to a government office? They despise the wait times. The second most common complaint involves the perceived disorganization of government systems. People have grown accustomed to visiting the DMV, the town office, or the permits department and waiting for an hour or more. They're used to being told that they don't have the proper paperwork and have to come in again, wasting more of their valuable time and resources. In short, taxpayers sometimes feel disrespected, as if their time is just up for grabs. Implementing an online appointment booking system can alleviate those woes and improve the reputation of your government facility.

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