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What Is a Business Process Management System for Colleges?

Jul 17 By Qless Admin

What is a business process management system for colleges? On the surface of things, it seems complicated and unrelated. You have to remember, however, that a university is a business, too. Although the main aim is to shape young minds that are ready to go out into the world, that's not always what happens. Far too many colleges are under-staffed to the detriment of both the employees and the student body. In spite of tuition rates so astronomical that more and more students are giving up the whole idea of higher education, colleges are hemorrhaging money. In seeking to improve student services, satisfaction, and their bottom line, they've reached an impasse. How can a college cater to its students, streamline the bureaucracies associated with university life, and still maintain effective policies?

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Smart Queue Systems Can Revolutionize the Way Your Campus Works

Jul 15 By Qless Admin

A smart queue system is all a college or university requires to revolutionize its campus. Queue software eliminates wait times across the board, giving college staff and the student body the resources and time they need to get on with their already busy schedules. Students, in particular, waste too much of their day standing in line, filling out paperwork, and turning it in again. Often, campuses are under-staffed, making it difficult for university employees to assist coeds in a reasonable amount of time.

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Queue Management Software and the College Campus

Jul 12 By Qless Admin

The college crisis is quickly reaching epic proportions. With some problems, such as professor shortages and soaring tuition rates, administrators are helpless to do much to help the coeds who want to attend their university. As an administrator, however, you can—and should—try to empathize with why students are so frustrated. The introduction of queue management software can go a long way toward improving the college experience for both students and employees, but you have to remain open to the possibilities.

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