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Appointment Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Jun 03 By Qless Admin

With hospitals becoming overrun with patients following the COVID-19 pandemic, clinics have experienced increased concerns from staff and patients about the health and safety in their offices. Due to the highly contagious nature of the virus and the fact that clinics are typically filled with immunocompromised individuals, these spaces are high-risk sites for transmission. That’s why many healthcare providers are looking for alternate solutions to continue providing high-quality service. Technology solutions can be implemented to help improve the customer experience in healthcare, whether they continue virtually or in-person.

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Reopening Economies: Technology Solutions to Help Businesses

Jun 02 By Qless Admin

With the first phase of the pandemic slowing down, economies and businesses are beginning to reopen. But with social distancing measures still in place, most workplaces need to consider how to operate safely, with the health of their customers and employees top of mind. To navigate reopening under strict social distancing guidelines, businesses would do well to turn to the same thing that has gotten us through the pandemic—technology. Between click-and-collect, and queue management software, there have been plenty of technology advancements implemented in the past few months. These solutions will also be pivotal in helping businesses restart quickly with new safety protocols in mind.

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Optimize Conversions Using Detailed Customer Information

Jun 01 By Qless Admin

With today’s technological options for businesses, it’s easier than ever to collect customer information and optimize conversions for your business. Thanks to new software, and the cell phones that almost everyone carries around on their person daily, companies can improve their services and marketing efforts, create better customer experiences, and grow their brand awareness. Automated queue management and appointment scheduling systems make it simple to gain a competitive edge and attract new clientele.

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