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Digital Queuing Systems and Campus Bookstores

Jul 10 By Qless Admin

Introducing a digital queuing system into your college network has significant advantages for every department, but no area benefits in the same way as the college bookstore. The bookstore is a notorious time-sucker. It's almost always crowded, but it's particularly rowdy near the beginning and end of each semester. Things can get busy and loud at the end of the year as students descend on the bookstore to sell back their used texts, but buying books for a new spate of courses causes much more chaos.

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Schedule Optimization Software and Government Offices

Jul 08 By Qless Admin

Schedule optimization software is the future of government offices. Businesses that deal with the public on behalf of the government are held to a higher standard. The level doesn't matter. Whether you work in a federal building, the statehouse, or hold a local city or county office, the public expects more from you. They have a point, too. As an agent of the government, in whatever capacity you serve, your job is to assist the taxpayers. That's true for the President of the United States and the local alderman. With that in mind, it's obvious that a smooth schedule is essential. The first come, first served number method of serving the people is outdated and frustrating. The people in your community aren't happy with it any longer, and you shouldn't be satisfied with it, either. There are better solutions available, beginning with QLess, which can take over your day-to-day schedule and organize it at a moment's notice.

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Scheduling Solutions to Make the DMV Experience User-Friendly

Jul 06 By Qless Admin

If you work at the DMV, you already know its reputation. Certain tasks that take place at the Department of Motor Vehicles are hard to schedule with any regularity, but there are still scheduling solutions that will improve the workflow in your office. You may not be able to pinpoint how long it will take someone to complete the written exam or the driving test to receive a learner's permit or a driver's license, but there are plenty of actions that you can plan more efficiently. You may just need a bit of assistance courtesy of the QLess system. Introducing a queue management system to the office is the most effective way to organize your job. In fact, the software can even help departments that are understaffed or suffering from a lack of resources.

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