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Patient Management System Could Make Waiting for Care Less Painful

Nov 08 By Qless Admin

Implementing a patient management system is critical for healthcare organizations. Waiting lines and overcrowded hospitals are areas where most hospitals can improve. Patient flows are a real issue that most hospitals struggle to cope with. Inefficient scheduling and overcrowded emergency areas make it hard for patients and healthcare professionals to provide the best service, but this problem isn’t limited to the emergency department. In clinics or doctors’ offices, scheduled appointments may suffer from bad patient flow, too. Many healthcare organizations cannot actually deal with the costs of patient flow. 

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The Best Uses For a Queue Management System in a Bank

Nov 04 By Qless Admin

Queue management in the banking industry is a critical component of good customer service. But, many banks struggle to improve customer service in this sense. In fact, the stats show that many people spend a lot of time in line while doing their banking. Banks and financial institutions tend to rely on “analog” systems such as physical queues. Yet with so many customers waiting in lines for so long, it’s easy for customers to get frustrated. A recent study that polled over retail banks in Brazil showed that, on average, 10 people queue in line, losing patience and getting angry. A queue management system in a bank could reduce the number of people waiting in these banking lines.

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Use a Restaurant Waitlist App and Stop Losing Out on Customers

Nov 01 By Qless Admin

Restaurants are busy, crowded places. Most customers enjoy dining out at restaurants but they are often fed up with long waiting times even when they have a reservation. Sometimes, customers change their minds and switch places if a restaurant is overcrowded. Poor customer service is the number one reason that makes potential customers leave. Long-waiting lines at restaurants trigger walk-aways and don’t make your customers happy. A restaurant waitlist app could solve all of these problems and add an additional selling point to your restaurant! 

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