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abInventio operations weather the earthquake

Jul 29 By Alex Bäcker | Categories: Industry News

As Yahoo's Santa Monica offices dealt with an hour-long power outage and cell phones turned useless all day across Southern California, abInventio's websites remained fully operational through the 5.4-magnitude earthquake. None of our data centers serving Whozat, HoundWire, REPcloud and QLess in Altadena, Santa Monica or Texas were affected. Indeed, HoundWire was among the first news organizations to report the earthquake, within a half hour of the event.

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More than 90% of restaurant guests prefer a QLess restaurant than one without QLess, and will wait longer for a table if QLess is available

Jul 02 By Alex Bäcker | Categories: Other Industries

A new survey shows that more than 90% of restaurant guests surveyed said they prefer a QLess restaurant than one w/o QLess, and that they'd wait longer for a table if QLess was available. Something that was borne out by the fact that guests waited up to 3.17 hours to get a table using QLess (and actually sat to eat after that). In fact, the revenues from people who wait more than 45 minutes alone give a highly positive ROI for the cost of QLess --making the extra customer satisfaction for every guest a free bonus.

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