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Benefit Your Shelter With QLess’ Animal Hospital Management System

With the recent coronavirus pandemic, animal shelters have seen a significant increase in the number of pet adoptions. Quarantine and stay-at-home orders have made people crave extra companionship, and they realize the extra value that a pet can add to their life. Cats and dogs are always ready to give us affection, and they help inspire us to get out and exercise with them. With more daily business and social distancing safety measures that need to be observed, animal shelters and hospitals can benefit from a management system that uses software that works directly with customers’ cell phones.  

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QLess CIM is key to improving on casino playing time

This article was originally published in Casino Compendium.

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What Industries Can Benefit From Online Booking Software?

Jun 01 By Qless Admin | Categories: Other Industries

When you think of online booking software, you may think about industries like healthcare facilities, veterinarian offices, or government offices, but there are so many more businesses that can benefit from online booking software, like salons and hotels. It automates the process for customers and lets them schedule appointments through the company’s website or an app on their cell phone. The QLess software easily fills gaps and seamlessly integrates walk-ins with customers who have an appointment booked. Here are some of the industries that have had great success by implementing the QLess system.

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