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Patient visit redesign: QLess dynamic wait management allows HMOs to comply with new regulations mandating shorter patient access delays

Jan 24 By Alex Bäcker | Categories: Healthcare

New rules were announced last week aimed at limiting the long wait times for patients in health maintenance organizations to see a doctor.

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How old is the custom of standing in line?

Jan 15 By Alex Bäcker | Categories: Announcements

The video about QLess got me thinking about the origins of standing in line. We now know it goes back at least as far as the Egyptians. Tim recently found two references to standing in line in Ancient Egypt:

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QLess reduces salon chain’s no-shows by 63% with mobile paging

Jan 11 By Alex Bäcker | Categories: Other Industries

QLess launched successfully in Ohmycut!, a salon chain in Spain. So far QLess has reduced the no-show rate by 63%!

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