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How long do your customers FEEL like they're waiting? Try this experiment.

Apr 17 By tim.mccune | Categories: Retail

Just found this gem in a recent discussion on

"I worked at Target in high school, and in the 'training' before we started, they had about 15 new hires in a conference room, and they had us stand up and told us to sit down once we thought 1 minute had elapsed. They told us not to count though, but just to sit down when it felt like a minute. I swear, this one woman sat down after 15-20 seconds. Almost everyone had sat down, and it was down to just me and one other person, and they sat down, and then I felt awkward standing by myself and so I waited a bit and sat down. Turns out I sat down at like 48 seconds. The point was to show how people think things last longer in situations where they are waiting."

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