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Post Offices Are Closing From Poor Queue Management

Dec 19 By Alex Bäcker | Categories: Government

According to the U.S. Postal Service, December 19 and 20 will be the busiest mailing days this year for holiday cards and packaging. Many people will be sending their packages in hopes of reaching their destinations prior to Christmas Day. But with big demand comes big, frustrating lines.

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Retailers Suffer From Customers Waiting In Line During Holidays

Dec 13 By Alex Bäcker | Categories: Retail

Black Friday has a lot of appeal to millions of people around the U.S. not just because of the great deals, but also because it gets them in the holiday spirit. For some families, it kicks off their holiday festivities to get started on the first official day of Christmas shopping. However, that giddy feeling of waking up early or staying up really late to get a cheap TV is often washed away by the look of the line to check out.

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Santa Fly By: Skip the Long Line to See Santa This Year!

Dec 13 By tim.mccune | Categories: Retail

Check out this very well-done video explaining how QLess is saving families at Washington Square Mall this year from having to stand in line to see Santa.

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Teach DMV workers to be polite - now that's the answer

Dec 02 By Alex Bäcker | Categories: Government

750,000 residents use the Providence, RI DMV system annually and most note long lines as the reason for the negative public image it has. So what do you do to solve the biggest problem they have? You bring in an insurance company to teach sensitivity training to the workforce of course. It all makes perfect sense, just combine the bureaucracy of the insurance industry with the great taste of a government run DMV and you've got a recipe for success. Instead of fixing the problem, utilize significant funding and resources to train a workforce that likely already has low job satisfaction and high turnover. Perhaps they didn't know that QLess is ending long lines and improving the customer experience at leading DMVs across the nation. If you're one of those unfortunate Providence customers, let them know there is a better way... with QLess :)

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