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Driving Customers Away: 5 Things Businesses Should Never Do

Feb 21 By Amy Deavoll | Categories: Insights, Retail

Customers – even the most enthusiastic, brand-loyal customers – will only tolerate poor service for so long before they become ex-customers, and often enthusiastic ex-customers at that, willing to tell anyone with an eardrum about their inglorious experience.

All it takes is a long line at checkout, a disengaged salesperson, or a stick-to-the-rules-at-all-costs mentality for a customer to abandon your business and head for the exit. Knowing what compels customers to walk away will prepare your staff to never commit these blunders.

We put together the 5 things businesses should never do. Top on a customers’ “I’m-out-of-here” list:

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How is Productivity Measured in Construction?

Feb 07 By Amy Deavoll | Categories: Insights, Other Industries

The biggest dig leveled against the construction industry by those who don’t know the ins and outs of it goes something like this: “All construction workers do is stand around while one or two people do all the work.” Industry professionals, of course, know that there are many reasons for workers to be temporarily idle or “just standing around, watching people work” on the job site.

From civil engineers whose sole job is to ensure safety and compliance, to laborers who need to be available whenever duty calls, to tradesmen who sometimes have to wait their turn in a long process, workers who appear idle are often doing exactly the job for which they were hired. And most of the time this leads to greater efficiency, not less.

However, there are plenty of construction managers that constantly battle factors that impede productivity on the construction site often leading to missed deadlines, costly delays, and unsatisfied clients. Some of the most common blockers are:

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