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Reducing Patient Waiting Times: How Patient Wait Times Affect Your Bottom Line

May 07 By Qless Admin | Categories: Healthcare

One of the most difficult tasks for a medical practice is reducing patient waiting times. Caring for every patient with the punctuality they expect takes a lot of work, and inevitably, the combination of packed schedules, longer-than-expected appointments, and walk-in patients are going to lead to delays. The key, then, is to limit those lag times as much as possible—and to ensure patients are cared for as they wait.

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5 Ways to Improve the Patient Experience in Medical Practices

May 03 By Qless Admin | Categories: Healthcare

Regardless of what kind of medical practice you work in, understanding how to improve the patient experience is critical.

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4 Short Staff Solutions for Medical Offices

Apr 30 By Qless Admin | Categories: Healthcare

When a medical practice is short on personnel, operating efficiently and giving patients the care they expect can be difficult. Whether you’re lacking an ideal number of physicians, nurses, or administrative staff, carrying out useful short staff solutions for medical offices is a tremendous challenge. It’s also one that will only become more necessary in the years to come.

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