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Rick Mischka

Rick Mischka has been working in the SaaS space for 5 years focusing on government and enterprise verticals. Rick has previously been a collegiate and national level volleyball coach, a paramedic & firefighter and a Special Operations Soldier rounding out a life of great experiences that lends itself to being a great relationship builder. Rick has a MAH in Social Behavior from Tiffin University, still plays volleyball, and enjoys jumping out of airplanes!

Recent Posts

Beyond FastPass+: How Amusement Parks Can Cut Lines With Digital Queuing

Jul 25 By Rick Mischka | Categories: Other Industries, Retail

Have you ever been to an amusement park right when it opens? The first thing people do is run full-tilt to get a place in line for the most popular rides. As a ritual for amusement park die-hards, this race can be a rush, but it really represents people making the best of a bad situation. Waiting in line for rides has been an unavoidable burden of the amusement park experience, and the thought of getting footsore on the baking asphalt while packed in a serpentine queue has soured people on many a trip to amusement parks.

The good news? The digital age is here and everyone has a smartphone – that means with online queueing, amusement park patrons no longer need to waste half their day just waiting around. They can join a virtual line!

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Day at the Museum

Jul 09 By Rick Mischka | Categories: Government, Other Industries, Retail

Few things are as much fun for kids as a trip to the local museum. Whether it’s checking out dinosaur bones, moon rocks, or art, it’s a great way to have a fun and interactive learning experience. But what’s not so fun is waiting in line. It’s a drag for adults, but if you’ve ever seen a three-year-old have a full-on meltdown standing in a queue, you know that it’s a million times worse for children.

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