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Implementing Queue Management Systems in Post Secondary Schools: Everything to Know

Jun 19 By Qless Admin | Categories: Education, COVID-19 Solutions

Throughout the pandemic, people have been relying on technology to improve health and safety, and to implement social distancing rules. But with so many technology options available, it can be hard to understand what is best for your school. Even harder than that is getting executive buy-in for something new. If you’re looking for student management software for colleges and universities that can help improve health, safety and efficiency, a queue management system may be the way to go. Below, we’ve outlined what you need to know when deciding to implement a queue management system or appointment scheduling software for higher education.

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Solving Customer Wait Times Can Boost Your Business, Despite COVID-19

May 06 By Qless Admin | Categories: COVID-19 Solutions

While some businesses have been forced to close their doors during the COVID-19 quarantine, essential businesses have been allowed to proceed with caution. New social distancing measures are in place that require six feet of distance between customers, masks to be worn in public, the implementation of plexiglass screens, and no more than a certain amount of people allowed in each store. People feel safest when they are given options to limit human interaction, like curbside pick-up services, waiting for healthcare visits from their vehicles, and hands-off food deliveries. QLess technology makes it easy for you to implement your own social distancing measures that will boost your business. 

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Imagine a World Without Waiting Lines

May 04 By Qless Admin | Categories: COVID-19 Solutions

The world as we know it is changing. 

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