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It's happening...Queue's happening!

Apr 11 By Alex Bäcker | Categories: Insights

There is a great language divide even across English speaking countries. A sidewalk is a pavement, coriander is cilantro, a car trunk is a boot. In the US, a queue is a letter of the alphabet, the moment when you're supposed to say or do something, or an object used in a game of pool. At least it was until recently. It looks like Americans have gotten in the queue, too. From your Netflix movie queue to news publications such as the New York Times, you may not be lining up much longer.

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The plight of Venezuela and their endless wait

Apr 09 By leysi.rotellini | Categories: Insights

The critical situation that Venezuelans have been living with for quite a while now is no secret to anyone. In the last months, we have seen in the news and particularly through social networks (due to media censorship) how a country that in theory is rich or at least it was rich, is being submerged in a series of tragic incidents. Venezuela has seen violence, student protesters, insecurity in the streets, political repression, hyperinflation (currently the highest inflation in the world) and now product shortages which have led to endless lines in supermarkets.

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April Fools!

Apr 02 By Alex Bäcker | Categories: Industry News

Okay, you got us!

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