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Smarter Queue Solutions Are Available for Government Offices

Aug 02 By Qless Admin

Do you wish your office had a smarter queue platform in place? The solution isn't out of reach. There's no need to wish. You do, however, need to think about updating the systems you have in place and the technology you use. By now, you've worked in a government agency long enough to know that the taxpayers aren't happy. They feel that they deserve more from their government departments, particularly on a local level. Those are the areas of government that everyday folks deal with most often, after all. They have to license their cars, pets, and RVs. When community members visit the game warden, the city clerk, or the tax office, they need to feel confident that they'll receive efficient, friendly assistance from a knowledgeable staff that isn't impatient or overextended.

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e Appointments for Government Offices | Five Benefits

Aug 01 By Qless Admin

People enjoy the ability to book e Appointments online. It's convenient, they don't have to listen to hold music, and they can choose a time slot that fits with their schedule. Folks aren't used to the luxury of such freedom with their government offices. They're more accustomed to arriving at the building, taking a number behind all of the people who are already there, and waiting their turn. They can't leave to run an errand because they run the risk of losing their place in line, at which point they either have to start all over again or return to the office on a different day. What a waste of energy!

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Electronic Queuing Systems and the University System

Jul 25 By Qless Admin

As the world evolves technologically, businesses fight to keep up with fast-paced advancements. That includes colleges and universities, which may be left in the dust if they don't adopt an electronic queuing system to deal with current and future students. Incoming coeds have grown up with technology. They know how quickly it evolves, and they adapt with it effortlessly. In general, they expect the same from the places where they choose to do business, even the business of earning a degree. In a nod to the need for mobile-compatible systems and online opportunities, many institutions of higher learning offer at least a few online classes. Some, seeing the wave of the future, offer entire degree programs online, with the exception of lab work or practical experience that needs to be done on campus or in the field.

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