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How to Reduce Queue Times at Casinos

Nov 02 By Qless Admin

Customers love the thrill of hitting the casino and pulling the right card or hitting the right number on a pair of dice as they suddenly come into contact with a boatload of cash. But if they have to wait in long lines, potentially breaching social distancing and putting themselves at risk, it can really kill the buzz. But don’t worry — there are simple solutions available to get your customers in the door without the hassle of long lines. If you have been frustrated by long queue times at your casinos, QLess may very well be able to help.

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QLess has the Solution to Eliminate Voting Lines

Originally published in BusinessWire. Read here. 

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'Tis the Holiday Shopping Season: Bring Shoppers in from the Cold

Oct 21 By Qless Admin | Categories: Retail, COVID-19 Solutions

The typical holiday shopping season, from November to January, is an important time for most retailers. With Black Friday, Christmas gifts and Boxing Day sales, holiday sales were predicted to amount to $1.147 trillion and $1.152 trillion in 2019, accounting for a large percentage of total sales for many retailers. Unfortunately, with the pandemic underway, lower in-store capacities, financial instability, and stay-at-home orders are expected to create a very different holiday shopping season. 

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Long Voting Lines & Short Fuses: Queue Management to Encourage Voters

It’s voting season in the U.S. With election day only a few weeks away, on November 3rd, early voting has started in over 20 states. Unfortunately, long voting lines and hours-long wait times are creating delays, frustration and unsafe conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, postal service delays are causing issues with mail-in voting. With over 25 million ballots already cast, the November 3rd election day is expected to be busy. So what can governments do to help their citizens? They need to prioritize health and safety–including shelter from increasingly cold weather–and the ability to disseminate timely information to all voters. New technology investments can encourage, and allow, more citizens to exercise their right to vote safely and easily. 

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Next-Generation Events: How Technology Will Pave the Way Post-Covid

Oct 20 By Kevin Grauman | Categories: COVID-19 Solutions

Originally Posted in Corporate Event News

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