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Online Appointment Booking Tools and Higher Education

Jul 23 By Qless Admin

Universities with an eye toward the future are discovering that it pays to cater to the lives of the student body rather than requiring coeds to do all the heavy lifting by conforming their schedules to fit the administration, their professors, their advisors, and practically everyone else in a position of authority on campus. Students who need to talk to a lecturer, a mentor, a librarian, or an administrator can spend more time waiting than attending class. It's even worse at the beginning and end of the semesters when students scramble to deal with financial aid and reserve their spot in required courses. Understandably, large campuses have equally large crowds and proportionally long lines, but there's no reason to force students to decide between attending a class, lecture, or lab, or holding their place in queue to find out why their financial aid is less than expected. That's why forward-thinking academic institutions are also turning to online appointment booking tools to help them organize their workflow policies and improve the way they assist the student body.

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What Can Customer Waiting Systems Do for Colleges and Universities?

Jul 20 By Qless Admin

Customer waiting systems can streamline any business, including colleges and universities. Students spend much of their time waiting. They wait to visit the registrar, to talk to their professors, to meet their advisors, to reserve time in the library, and to buy their books. When are they supposed to study? How can they be productive when they're worried about getting to the financial aid office in time?

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What Is a Business Process Management System for Colleges?

Jul 17 By Qless Admin

What is a business process management system for colleges? On the surface of things, it seems complicated and unrelated. You have to remember, however, that a university is a business, too. Although the main aim is to shape young minds that are ready to go out into the world, that's not always what happens. Far too many colleges are under-staffed to the detriment of both the employees and the student body. In spite of tuition rates so astronomical that more and more students are giving up the whole idea of higher education, colleges are hemorrhaging money. In seeking to improve student services, satisfaction, and their bottom line, they've reached an impasse. How can a college cater to its students, streamline the bureaucracies associated with university life, and still maintain effective policies?

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