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Exploring a Customer Flow Management System for Government Offices

Mar 05 By Qless Admin

A comprehensive customer flow management system is a must-have innovation for government offices. No other industry has a reputation for slow customer service, long waits, and complicated processes. It's not fair, of course. Government buildings and the people who work in them are there to help their citizens and constituents. High traffic offices may have trouble keeping up with demand, however. Some offices are understaffed. In other cases, communities can experience a surge of growth that stretches government resources to their limits. Regardless, you can't deny that everyone has a story about a less-than-stellar experience at a government office building. The complaints typically involve the amount of time spent waiting or poor customer service experiences.

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8 Ways Customer Waiting Systems Can Improve Government Offices

Mar 04 By Qless Admin

The typical image of your local government office includes looks of frustration, disgruntled employees and long line ups. In a perfect world, every citizen is helped in a timely fashion and receives undivided attention. Staff members at the office have a smile on their face and a plan in place to help each individual. Providing services at a reasonable cost can be a challenge for both small and large government offices -- but it doesn’t have to be.

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4 Ways Virtual Queue Apps Can Improve Government Offices

Mar 02 By Qless Admin

Managing the long office line up causes frustration and stress for government office employees and taxpayers alike. With wait times being unpredictable and ever-changing, it’s hard to know how many customers will be served in one day or how many staff should be scheduled during a given time period. For administration, this causes more headaches on high-volume days as customer complaints mount and staff burnout increases.

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